Consumer Protection


Consumer Education: The Consumer Affairs Division as distinguished from its counterpart being the Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission assigns education officers to spread consumer rights’ awareness and ensure that the wider public is knowledgeable of their responsibilities towards fair consumption and competitive behaviour among businesses. Such education also includes the know-how of refundable and non–refundable goods, vehicle inspections, lodging complaints and receiving legal aid as well as understanding competition law.

Investigation of Consumer Complaints: The Competition and Consumer Affairs Commission, an agency of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce is responsible for investigating whether breaches of the  Competition and Fair Trading Act, 2006 (CFTA) and the Consumer Affairs Act, 2011 (CAA) have been made.

Litigation and Prohibition of anti-competitive business conduct: Should there be contravention of the law, The Commission can apply a range of pecuniary, punitive and injunctive remedies available to it to correct the behaviour of the infringing parties once found guilty.