Department of Tourism

Raise the profile of Guyana as a tourism destination


To develop a robust tourism policy framework and define strategic directions that will support the development of sustainable tourism, expand destination linkages and improve the overall profile of destination Guyana. 


To create a supportive national environment within which a sustainable tourism sector can thrive, create economic and other benefits and improve livelihoods in line with relevant Sustainable Development Goals.

Purpose of the Department

  • To develop policies that support the growth and development of the tourism sector.
  • To offer  support to events that generate sustainable tourism activity that increase exposure of the destinations


  • Regional Domestic Tourism Development – to establish and strengthen the capacity of  Regional Tourism Committees in each administrative region to increase planning, marketing and management of tourism products.
  • Organise and execute signature events that attract tourists regionally and internationally. 
  • Design, publish and share tourism materials and information with  visitors