National Exhibition Center

Agency Overview

The National Exhibition Centre is one of the instrumental departments within the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce. The department works collaboratively with various agencies and departments within the ministry and private sector to develop a platform where local export ready businesses can showcase the best of their offering to regional, national and international business with the ultimate aim of gaining foreign investment and support. and partner for export.


In keeping the ministry’s mandates, the objectives of the National Exhibition Centre include:

  •  Provide Venue  for the hosting Ministry events
  •  Make recommendations and tender advice to Minister on practical measures to stimulate the export trade of Guyana.
  • Promote and enhance the orderly development of the export trade of Guyana.
  • Engage in all such activities as are in its opinion necessary for, or conducive to the proper discharge of its functions, including research, training, consultancy and advisory activities and the compilation and issue of journals, bulletins, and other publications.
  • To establish strategic relationships with organizers of exhibitions at both national and regional levels.


The National Exhibition Centre, through its goals and objectives, plays an integral aspect in national development. The department is responsible for the following:

  • Development of a state-of-the-art facility- this goal is especially important for the development and growth of the MICE Industry. As with any event, venue rental is one of the most important components in the successful planning and execution of any event. This department provides a capacious facility that caters to a large target audience. Organisers have a wide range of areas to choose from which will adequately cater to their planning and event needs.
  • Providing a platform for export promotion and the development of local businesses.Events that are hosted by the department are geared towards providing an avenue through which local business that showcase Guyanese products.