Business Support


Import/Export Licensing:  Grants Distribution: Grants are processed through the Small Business Bureau and are made available to SMEs at a minimum range of cash  $200,000 to a maximum of $500,000 based on eligibility in order to maintain innovation through a financial resource pool. This ensures that jobs are created within the manufacturing and services sectors and remain with a low turnover. 

Loans Guarantee Scheme: The Small Business Bureau with the support of the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce operates a Credit Guarantee Programme, small business development is assured at a maximum  value of GYD $30,000,000 approved and disbursed by Republic Bank Guyana Limited, and Guyana Bank for Trade and Industry Limited. 

Business Incubator Centres: Another service offered by the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce with specific duty by the Small Business Bureau includes the BIC– an early-stage startup programme which consists of shared office space equipped with utilities, office supplies and IT equipment with internet networks. The BIC provides further support mechanisms in the form of mentorship, product marketing and development, finances and legality, access to finance and professional networking with the goals to commercialise technology and innovation, create employment opportunities and overall, strengthen market economies. 

Entrepreneurship Awareness Sessions


Metrology: The Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce through the Guyana National Bureau of Standards provides verification services for weight and measuring devices commonly used in health, agriculture, manufacturing and transportation. This service facilitates the legality required as per the Weights and Measures Act 1981 and further, the National Weights and Measures Programme in Guyana. In fulfillment of Article 6 of the Petroleum Agreement, the GNBS measures and certifies crude oil. Calibration services work according to a test catalogue of the GNBS through which gold and hollow blocks are primarily tested. GNBS reflects its mandate of creating a culture of quality through standards using solely the International System of Units (SI).

Compliance: The Guyana National Bureau of Standards operates national monitoring mechanisms which confer goods for sale under Compulsory National Standards. As such, imported  products monitored follow the ASYCUDA World System based on their HS Codes upon which the GNBS ensures inspections are conducted at the ports of entry, points of sale, or at importer’s warehouses and bonds. 

Technical Assistance and Training: Specialists of the GNBS offer consultancy services on ISO Standards. Further, the GNBS offers more customised services. Quality Management System Principles, Risk management, procedure Writing, Determining Internal and External Issues, Control of Documented Information, and ISO 9001:2015 Mandatory Documents and Records.